Latvia and World Peace

Published July 15, 2014 by lydia999

Hi there

I don’t often go out – I enjoy my own, safe space – so a trip to Latvia was for me a big event. It was a trip to take ashes of someone who died before he could return to his homeland. The burial service was very traditional – we processed towards the grave-site with flowers and once the lady had finished the service in Latvian we all laid our flowers on the grave. It was a beautiful experience. Another lady sang Latvian songs whilst playing the piano and then she played the violin – moving Latvian chords floating in the hushed silence.

The people were so very friendly and did not seem to care that I could not speak their language. They were so excited about ‘Petals of a Rose’ and all wanted a copy even though some of them couldn’t read English. So I have my first fan-base in Latvia not in England I think!

A new week and time to turn my head towards my work. My work is making connections with like-minded people who care about the world and want to make it better. I used to laugh – as almost everyone does – when Miss World always wants ‘World Peace’ but actually I think that this has taken on a new message and meaning because we all increasingly want world peace as we fall slowly to pieces.

My work is sharing my imagination and trying to create an emotion – any emotion – within a person; to move them to experience sorrow when they aren’t sad, joy when they aren’t happy, fear when they’re not scared. I will share my attempts at creating an emotional experience and would welcome any comments, good or bad.


Thanks for reading. Have a good day 🙂


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