Petals of a Rose – A Different Extract

Published August 11, 2014 by lydia999

Petals of a Rose – A Different Extract

Hi there I thought that you might enjoy a different extract from Petals of a Rose.

Feedback has been extremely positive and readers have consistently said that they could not put the book down which is great to know. The subject matter lends itself to a heartrending read but feedback suggests that the connection with the characters intensifies the experience. Feedback describes the book as ‘a rollercoaster of emotions ride‘.

Extract from Petals of a Rose by Lydia Trent

‘Shut up, you stupid little sod. Shut up!’ The child was thrown face down into the cot. She continued to scream; loud, pleading screams. She managed to roll herself over, her thin body shaking with the exertion of her cries. Her mother paced frantically backwards and forwards across the room, drowning in anger, clenching her fists in a vain effort to control the mounting rage which threatened to overwhelm her. She was forcing herself to stay away from the cot, but the screams were drawing her like a magnet, teasing her with the knowledge that the tormentor lay there. That’s where the cries were and she had to stop them, had to stop them because she couldn’t take it. Her head was going to explode, her guts were going to erupt with this rage unless she let it out, let it out where the screams were.

She strode towards the cot and fiercely grabbed the tiny bundle from within. She held it roughly in front of her in the air and shook it. ‘For God’s sake, bloody shut up. Just stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it!’

The door opened. Alan stared in horror.

The book is available through the Hermit Media websiteAmazon, Waterstones online and other online book storesPetals of a Rose is also available in e-pub and Kindle format on Amazon only.


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