Suicide is Painless – or is it?

Published August 13, 2014 by lydia999

Suicide is Painless – or is it?

Lydia’s Blog – relates to Petals of a Rose.

For those of you who have read ‘Petals of a Rose‘ it will come as no surprise that I could not have written it without some understanding of the subject matter. Suicide is relevant to the storyline.

Obviously this blog has been pre-empted by the sad loss of Robin Williams and the public reaction to his suicide. Whilst many have been deeply saddened by the loss, there are those who have chosen to speak negatively about something which they do not understand, causing pain to his daughter. The Time to Change Movement is spreading like wild-fire with the result that more and more sufferers of mental illness are having the confidence to speak out and seek help whilst an increasing number of agencies are improving the help which is given. The damage that these vindictive remarks could cause is so destructive. There could potentially now be a fear for sufferers that they will receive this same ridicule should they open up about their illness.

It is a common misconception that suicide is a choice – we even use the word ‘commit’ to describe the action which indicates an intention to perform. For those sufferers who have been to the abyss and lived to tell the tale it is insulting that people – even people close to them – could believe that they would logically, of sound mind, CHOOSE to leave their responsibilities, leave their children, cause such pain to those left behind. It is not a conscious decision but a symptom of the illness at its most extreme. Admittedly the stresses and pressures of living can feel difficult to bear, so why do you think that some choose to ‘chicken-out’ and take the ‘easy option’? The fact is that they DON’T choose. Suicide is seen to be the only option left when obviously this is not logical as there are always other paths to tread, but for the person suffering from mental illness this does not always ‘compute’.

Consider a person with Tourette Syndrome – do they choose to shout obscenities? No, their illness causes this symptom. Likewise suicide CAN be a symptom of certain mental illnesses. It is not a choice.

I hope that this has raised some questions and maybe some understanding about something which is difficult for sufferers to explain because often they do not understand it themselves. Compassion, time to talk and acceptance are needed, not negative comments. Apologies if this offends anyone but as an author I voice my head-ramblings 🙂

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