Long Time No Blog

Published October 26, 2014 by lydia999

Hi there, yet again I haven’t written anything on here for a while. I apologise but I have a very good reason – I am in the throes of writing my next book. Once I begin the writing process it takes over my life as I become embroiled and lost in my characters and so finding time for anything else is difficult. You ought to see my house – I am collecting dust! I am so pleased that ‘Petals of a Rose’ is getting such wonderful feedback – it makes it all worthwhile just to know that my work is appreciated. My next book follows on with the life of Lydia as an adult and how her life continues to be affected by the patterns learned in childhood.

I haven’t really told you much about myself and why I write have I? So here goes ….

I have lived my whole life as a visitor amongst strangers and have never quite felt at ease in the big, wide world. Because of this I found solace and company in the characters on my pages and watched how they lived their lives. Now that I have no reason to leave the house I rarely do, but this has lots of positives. I can honestly say that for the first time in my life I am happy being able to be in an environment that I love and to be able to earn my living here. I love observing people and their diversities and the good that they can do in the world. Anyway, now that I have ‘spilled the beans’ I can write more about this. It would be good to be able to write something which will cheer other people who live like me – some of them not by choice (actually mine is not by choice but…….. that’s another story).

I think that’s enough for now. I won’t leave it so long next time. Have a great week and treasure your days J


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