Published January 11, 2015 by lydia999

Hi there

Well, I have survived so far. 11 days…….can feel like a year. The last time that I went for this long without a little tipple of wine was when I went to the Mayr Clinic in Austria. My sister dragged me there and told me it would be good for me. After 4 days of starvation I was ready to jump in the lake, but then something wonderful happened – I began to feel well. A few days later when it was time to go home I didn’t want to go! I am beginning to appreciate that experience again – especially since I weigh less now than I have weighed in…..let’s just say a long time.

So not only am I helping to raise money for cancer research, I am also applying some of the lifestyle changes which Julie Romani talks about in her book ‘It’s All About Cancer’ and am certainly feeling the benefits.

Thanks for your support đŸ™‚


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